Bubble Ball Soccer

Bubble Ball Soccer is the Latest sport in the USA! An Amazing twist on the traditional game of bubble soccer, you will be crazy about a giant, soft inflatable Bubble Ball with shoulder harnesses and handles inside!

Be ready for having a blast! Once you strap on one of these huge, bouncy hamster-balls you will have a hard time not laughing as you bump into opponents while trying to kick the soccer ball into the goal.

What is Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is a funny inflatable football. Bubble Soccer games are perfect for birthday parties, team building, church groups, corporate events, schools, private parties, bachelor parties, family reunions, fund-raisers & beach get togethers!

Now you can play too! Get off the bleachers & get in the Bubble Ball!Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Bubble Baller, our friendly, laid back referees will make sure you have an awesome time!

Bubble Soccer Ball

Bubble Soccer Ball is special inflated balls that act as an air force field around you. Protecting you from your knees to head which leaves your legs to work their magic!It can be used for birthdays, corporate events, soccer teams, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more!

This is bubble soccer ball, bumper ball,bubble football/loopy ball.There isn’t any specific rules to limit your ways of playing, which makes the sport full of freedom, extreme pleasure and space of imagination.