Product Description

Bubble Soccer is the best sport in the world without a doubt. It has a large followingin all continents.This is an interesting game. Playing Soccer all the time to find an interesting variation on a game they love, will push them to the new development strategy of passing and scoring, who played bubbles this immensely entertaining game of football, it would bea shame. It is a combination of bumper cars, pillow fights, and Sumo, and with the team goal and a ball.




Before we send the balls, we will first test it and ensure that they are good.
We offer the repair kit to avoid this damage to the equipment caused by unforeseencircumstances.
We will instruct you to repair the ball, while the life of the bubble football.
The warranty period is one year.


About PVC/TPU balls:


You can select TPU or PVC types and we will take the action with a timelimited promotionand the best quality with the same price.


You can get these corresponding accessories.


Free accessories for your order!


Accessories of the bubble football sets